ClassDojo: Bridging New Gaps & Expanding Child Development

Finding a fruitful connection between teachers, parents, students, and the entire staff is not the easiest thing to accomplish. There are many barriers, like time, schedules, and just life. But that does not mean that all hope is lost because there is a way to create a positive culture with classrooms and schools using ClassDojo, which is a new kind of communication platform revolutionizing the way teachers, parents, and students communicate. Perhaps one of the biggest steps forward taken by ClassDojo is introducing Mojo and Katie who are two little critters.

Who Are These Critters?

Mojo and Katie are two critters who were introduced on the ClassDojo’s website under “Big Ideas.” They were also introduced on YouTube. The videos are meant to teach both parents, teachers, and children that intelligence and abilities are not fixed but rather can be developed.

The team behind ClassDojo teamed up with experts at Standford University who work under the Project for Education Research That Scales team. The idea was to create effective videos (a series of five videos) aimed to enlighten. And, since ClassDojo is all about creating a community, then it makes sense why they opened up a discussion guide for both parents and teachers to accompany the release of these videos. The discussion guide is meant to connect teachers and parents regarding their children’s ongoing development.

ClassDojo is very excited about introducing channels that will help parents, teachers, and students meet their goals. Especially since 2 in 3 schools are already using ClassDojo, meaning that the reach of this information is that much larger.

It would be hard to imagine that this small communication platform would create such a ground-up change in the way that teachers, parents, and students communicate. A simple app shared between both teachers and parents helps everyone stay actively connected. For example, a teacher can share progress on a project or special accomplishments that a child was involved in with his or her parent.

The videos will teach both parents and teachers about effective activities that help ignite development in children. The platform should make it easy to track development. Keep in mind that the ClassDojo app allows easy translation between languages, just in case there are parents who do not understand English. This is an important feature so that parents and teachers can chat about a child’s development.

One can see just how easy and effective the ClassDojo is going to be in breaking new ground regarding communication between teachers, parents, and even students. That community that parents and teachers have always hoped for is within grasp with ClassDojo.


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