Crystal Hunt’s Role In One Life to Live

In its hey day, the soap opera world was filled with numerous dramas, captivating viewers, young and old alike. There were dozens of soap operas on local television networks that provided a type of entertainment that cannot be matched. While many of these shows were watched by many, there are few that hand millions of fans. These fans enjoyed the plot lines, the characters and the scenes associated with the soap drama. One of the biggest hits was One Life to Live. One Life to Live was one of the earliest soap operas on television that generated a huge following. One Life to Live was started on ABC in 1968. The first episode of One Life to Live aired on July 15, 1968. The first episode was 30 minutes long. One Life to Live was very unique because it was the first soap opera to feature ethnically diverse characters that were in diverse socioeconomic situations. On July 26, 1976, One Life to Live upgraded to 45 minutes long. On January 16, 1978, the soap opera became one hour long. It stayed a one hour long soap opera until 2012.

The Lord family was the biggest story line on One Life to Live. They were the main characters that the others were circled around. There was one actress that was One Life to Live since the first few episodes in 1971. Erika Slezak, played Viki Lord. She won six Emmy Awards for her role. In 2002, One Life to Live won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Drama Series. The soap opera was the last soap opera to be filmed in New York City.

Another famous person and soap opera actress that had a steady role in One Life to Live was Crystal Hunt. Crystal Hunt played Stacy Morasco from February 2009 to February 2010 on One Life to Live. Prior to being on One Life to Live, Crystal played Lizzie Spaulding on Guiding Light.

IMDb points out that Crystal Hunt ventured into acting in films after leaving One Life to Live. Crystal acted alongside Channing Tatum in Magic Mike XXL, the sequel to the popular movie Magic Mike. Crystal Hunt also acted alongside Amanda Bynes in a film.