Doe Deere Is Helping To Keep The World Colorful


Doe Deere is the self-proclaimed head unicorn at Lime Crime Cosmetics. In real life, she is the CEO and creator of the magnificently multi-colored cosmetics. Doe is a firm believer in using color to express yourself. With her, there are no rules when using Color. Her advice is to do what makes you feel good and wear what makes you feel good there is no need to save those outfits hanging in your closet that you love for special occasions. Wear them out and put on some colorful makeup to make you feel fun and fresh. Doe had a passion for makeup from an early age. She and her girlfriends used to apply makeup admittedly badly but always had fun with the process. As she Grew Older it became more skilled she decided to post tutorials on the internet. She became somewhat of an Internet sensation and decided that it would be a good career move to start creating her own cosmetic line. She is now the head of a multimillion-dollar online Cosmetics company called Lime Crime. Lime Crime with a name that she made up because that was her favorite color and the name run and it has stuck ever since. Lime Crime is cruelty-free Cosmetics company that does not test on animals. They have high moral standards as far as the Integrity of their products and they deliver outstanding results while being mindful of the environment.

Doe Deere is completely involved with the creative process of developing her make-up. From the Inception to the execution she can be found either in the lab or in the boardroom developing new products for Lime Crime. She will work long hours in the lab making sure each and every product is just right and that customers will be thrilled with the results. Lime Crime has a complete line of lip colors and eye colors. Every shade you can possibly imagine is probably represented by this colorful makeup line. If you want deep red lipstick or even purple, then they have it. The eye makeup can range from sparkly to smoky. Lime Crime is designed for the woman making a statement through using this high-quality makeup.

New York Philanthropist Keith Mann Sets His Sights On Promoting Higher Education

As the founder of Dynamic Search Partners, Keith Mann has been working to pair top talent with prominent hedge fund and private equity firms since 2009. His experience in the recruiting industry, however, extends back 16 years and has earned him a reputation as a leading expert in recruiting and staffing for the investment world. As a philanthropist, he showed support for the NYPD last year amid protests centered on police practices. It comes as no surprise then that Mann has extended his altruistic spirit and focused his skills on low-income students who desire to attend college. This has resulted in the establishment of the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement.

The scholarship aims to support students educated at Uncommon Schools, who are often faced with economic hardships, in their quest for a college education with a focus in business. The Scholarship award is a natural evolution of Mann’s ongoing work with Uncommon Schools, which works to eliminate the numerous problems that often prevent students from furthering their education. Although based in New York, these charter schools are located in various urban areas of Massachusetts, New York, and New Jersey. With the ability to touch so many youthful people, Mann has championed Uncommon Schools and now makes it possible for one graduating student per year, based on the newest school in Brooklyn, the opportunity to earn a $5,000 prize to put towards college education via a competition in which students must write a 1,000-word essay.

Keith Mann has displayed his eagerness to contribute to the community by quickly establishing the scholarship; as of this past March, one student has already been selected as the recipient. With the creation of this scholarship, it is doubtless Mann’s generosity will have a lasting impact, hopefully resulting in a new generation of young business professionals.

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Highland Capital Sells Off Stock of AthenaHealth

Investment firm Highland Capital Management recently decreased its holdings in the healthcare company AthenaHealth. Over the last quarter, the firm has decreased its holdings in the stock by 83% according to the latest reports from the SEC. During this time, Highland Capital sold off 78,000 shares and significantly lowered its ownership as a result. Since the stock was declining by 12%, the firm believed that it was in their best interest to sell off a number of its shares to lower its overall losses. The firm still owns 16,000 shares valued at $2.2 million but this is much less than the 95,000 shares that the firm owned during the last quarter.

AthenaHealth has experienced a sharp decline in its stock value over the last quarter. Therefore investors such as Highland Capital Management has decided to decrease its holdings to cope with these high losses. The company has seen its stock value decline while the rest of the stock market has risen. Once Highland Capital Management discovered this trend it decided to sell off shares to reduce its losses and begin investing in other companies in order to supplement the losses. This move was done in order to keep the firms financial health intact.

The current President and founder of Highland Capital Management is James Dondero. He began the firm back in the year of 1993 and built this firm into one of the leading companies in the industry of finance. Dondero decided to start a firm that offered advisory, investment management, hedge funds and also credit management. He also expanded the firm to other locations throughout the world as well. Therefore the firm has a worldwide presence and is able to serve clients in a number of regions worldwide. Therefore James has founded a very successful financial services firm.

Before starting up Highland Capital Management, James first go his education by getting a degree in accounting and finance. This gave him the foundation to learn about finance and get his first job as a credit investor. After this position he eventually became a chief investment officer and managed over $1 billion in assets. This experience convinced him to start up his own firm. He started up Highland Capital Management in the early 1990’s and built it into a very successful company. During his spare time, James Dondero participates in a number of philanthropic activities such as education, veterans affairs and also public policy.

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Enterprise Radio Interviews U.S. Money Reserve President Philip Diehl

The price of gold has risen a lot since it hit recent lows in December 2015. Therefore, it’s no surprise Eric Dye wanted to interview precious metals expert Philip N. Diehl, president of U.S. Money Reserve, on his podcast on the Entrepreneurial Podcast Network Enterprise Radio show, according to an article published on CBS19.

Diehl is a former director of the U.S. Mint. During his time as its head, he worked to make the agency more entrepreneurial. It launched the 50 States Quarter program. It also minted the first U.S. government coin made of platinum. He focused the Mint on improving customer service. Read more: US Money Reserve | CrunchBase

After leaving the Mint, in 2001, Diehl launched U.S. Money Reserve, and has grown it into one of the largest distributors of precious metals bullion, coins and bars issued by the United States government as legal tender. He also kept up the focus on providing exceptional customer service. U.S. Money Reserve also customers a strong money-back guarantee. Hundreds of thousands of customers have used Money Reserve to diversify their investment portfolios with precious metals.

One advantage of buying Mint-issued gold, platinum and silver is the government guarantees their the authenticity of their contents, weight and purity.

As another example of providing customer service, U.S. Money Reserve has launched a service of holding self-directed IRAs that concentrate on buying precious metals. A self-directed Precious Metals IRA is legal so long as the actual metal is held by an authorized trustee.

U.S. Money Reserve is the only gold company led by a former director of the U.S. Mint.

According to Diehl, four factors have affected the price of gold in recent years. The financial crisis of 2008 made many people flee to the protection of gold. Exchange traded funds or ETFs have become a popular way for people to invest in gold without owning the actual physical metal. However, they are so liquid that they create more price volatility. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

Also, people are drawn to gold by the uncertainty of government monetary and fiscal policies, especially in a national election year. The rising value of the U.S. dollar has, however, has also influenced the price of gold.

Coriant Company and the new empowered CEO

Coriant, a foundation of the Merlin Equity Partners, has been a great supplier of innovative solutions on networking issues. Coriant has therefore gained recognition as a great investment firm globally being a leading network operator in over a 100 countries. The Company has been in the technology innovation sector for over 35 years. Since its formation by the merge between the Nokia Siemens optical networks, Tellabs and Sycamore Networks businesses, Coriant has been known for its great offers on packet optical transport. This has in return pulled a large line of customers.
Coriant Company mainly focuses on developing different networking solutions that are up to date with the current enabled business world. It has come to the aid of many clients on issues concerning improved utilization of multi-layer network resources, reduction on operational complexity and creation of new revenue-generating services. This has been achieved by the edge-to-core transport solutions offered.

Recently, Coriant appointed Shaygan Kheradpir the new CEO of Coriant. Shaygan came in to succeed Mr. DiPietro who was the former president of the company. Mr. DiPietro after stepping down for Shaygan, he took up the role of a vice chairman at Coriant and also resumed back to his position as an operating partner at Merlin Equity Partners. Over the years, Shaygan has gained much of executive experience working with telecom, technology and financial service industries. He is therefore expected to lead Coriant to very high growth levels and survive the intensively growing market.

Shaygan began his career at GTE Corporation and has been in the business and technology service sector for not less than two decades. Having studied at Cornell University, he got his bachelors, masters and a PhD mainly specializing in the field of Engineering. After kick starting his career, Shaygan later on joined Barclays bank where he was a technology officer and at the same time chief of operations. He was also the CEO at Juniper Networks and had been working with the senior management team at Coriant before becoming the CEO there. He is therefore highly depended on to lead Coriant’s operations effectively.