Speculations About Eric Pulier and New Venture Stemulis

Eric Pulier service orientation is clearly visible in all he does, from his entrepreneurship to his philanthropy and we may not have yet seen his greatest accomplishment. Those who know of the many technology innovations he has help to sponsor and develop must truly be interested in what his newly created entity Stemulis has to offer. A good guess would be that he is now ready to help advance cloud security, a hot topic in the IT world. After helping to provide the means for companies to be agile in delivering their services with such offerings as IT as a Service and other cloud computer advances and innovations, how to keep data safe in the clouds is what many technology companies are interested in learning.

Eric Pulier has a track record of success and has developed and co-founded so much enterprise technology solutions in other ventures and led advances through organizations including US interactive, Computer Sciences Corporation and the Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council, it is only natural to look to him for cloud security issues as well. Finding solutions to cloud and data security problems that require a specific knowledge and expertise should be in the hands of someone who created and sold cloud technology solutions to industry giants. Stemulis may be the company that provides the trusted cloud security solution to solve the industry’s problems.

Of course, this is mere speculation, an assumption inspired by the many accomplishments that Eric has achieved thus far, such as being part of the founding of over 15 companies and non profits. He has the potential to do for cloud security what he has done for cloud computing. Even in his philanthropy he has made great accomplishments, including the conception and development of the Starbright Diabetes Experience, a game for kids with diabetes to better understand the disease, how it affects the body and how to overcome the obstacle it presents to their health. Knowing the history of his accomplishments in the past makes one keep an active interest on what he may offer in the future.

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Highland Capital Sells Off Stock of AthenaHealth

Investment firm Highland Capital Management recently decreased its holdings in the healthcare company AthenaHealth. Over the last quarter, the firm has decreased its holdings in the stock by 83% according to the latest reports from the SEC. During this time, Highland Capital sold off 78,000 shares and significantly lowered its ownership as a result. Since the stock was declining by 12%, the firm believed that it was in their best interest to sell off a number of its shares to lower its overall losses. The firm still owns 16,000 shares valued at $2.2 million but this is much less than the 95,000 shares that the firm owned during the last quarter.

AthenaHealth has experienced a sharp decline in its stock value over the last quarter. Therefore investors such as Highland Capital Management has decided to decrease its holdings to cope with these high losses. The company has seen its stock value decline while the rest of the stock market has risen. Once Highland Capital Management discovered this trend it decided to sell off shares to reduce its losses and begin investing in other companies in order to supplement the losses. This move was done in order to keep the firms financial health intact.

The current President and founder of Highland Capital Management is James Dondero. He began the firm back in the year of 1993 and built this firm into one of the leading companies in the industry of finance. Dondero decided to start a firm that offered advisory, investment management, hedge funds and also credit management. He also expanded the firm to other locations throughout the world as well. Therefore the firm has a worldwide presence and is able to serve clients in a number of regions worldwide. Therefore James has founded a very successful financial services firm.

Before starting up Highland Capital Management, James first go his education by getting a degree in accounting and finance. This gave him the foundation to learn about finance and get his first job as a credit investor. After this position he eventually became a chief investment officer and managed over $1 billion in assets. This experience convinced him to start up his own firm. He started up Highland Capital Management in the early 1990’s and built it into a very successful company. During his spare time, James Dondero participates in a number of philanthropic activities such as education, veterans affairs and also public policy.

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Recalling George Soros’ Trading Prowess Through The British Pound

There were many expectations that Britain would devalue its currency irrespective of changes in currency purchasing power and increase in interest rates. If the speculators had much belief in the sentiments, they would have registered impressive gains through their investments. 
Lamont announced that Britain was exiting the ERM and planning to float its currency. This announcement saw speculators and Soros carry the day. Today, September 17, 1992 is referred as Black Wednesday. George Soros calls this day, Awesome Wednesday. On this day, Britain floated its currency on the market. The pound registered a fall of 15% against the Deutschmark and 25% against the US Dollar.

During this period, Quantum Fund had bet that the pound would fall for $ 15 billion relative to other currencies. George Soros owned Quantum Fund. The company had raised this money through borrowing in order to make the trade, which worked in their favor. Once the announcement was made and the pound floated, the fund’s value increased from $15 billion to $19 billion. In few months, the fund had $22 billion. Considering that this was a hedge fund, Soros and his partners made at least $1.4 billion. This is how an individual may become a millionaire. This information was originally reported on Value Walk as highlighted in the following link http://www.valuewalk.com/2016/05/george-soros-broke-gbp-trade-century/

About George Soros
The Open Society Foundation is the brainchild of George Soros. The foundation enhances his idea of having an open society. According to Soros, the real meaning of an open society is a place where human rights are esteemed, governments are accountable and no individual boasts of having the domination of truth. His philanthropic activities started back in 1979. Soros generously provided scholarships to many South African students during the infamous apartheid. In addition on http://www.marketwatch.com/story/is-george-soros-right-about-the-coming-crash-in-china-2016-04-22, Soros was instrumental in devising an international system of accountability and transparency. The system was aimed at ensuring that extraction industries account for all their payoffs in order to avert political unrests.

Established in 1979, Open Society Foundation has been instrumental in enhancing open forms of government. According to George Soros, Open society is found on the premise that the world is inherently imperfect. Soros asserts that his success in business has given him greater latitude and independence to stand on controversial matters. Soros has been a supporter of various independent organizations such as the European Council on matters of foreign relations, Institute of New Economic Thinking and the international crisis group. This information was originally published on Open Society Foundation’s website as posited in the following link https://www.opensocietyfoundations.org/people/george-soros

George was born in 1930. Owing to the effects of the World-War II, George fled Hungary for England. While in England, he attended the prestigious London School of Economics. Later, he settled in the U.S. where he started his ventures and made a large fortune. George has authored many books such as the Tragedy of the European Union.