Doe Deere Is Helping To Keep The World Colorful


Doe Deere is the self-proclaimed head unicorn at Lime Crime Cosmetics. In real life, she is the CEO and creator of the magnificently multi-colored cosmetics. Doe is a firm believer in using color to express yourself. With her, there are no rules when using Color. Her advice is to do what makes you feel good and wear what makes you feel good there is no need to save those outfits hanging in your closet that you love for special occasions. Wear them out and put on some colorful makeup to make you feel fun and fresh. Doe had a passion for makeup from an early age. She and her girlfriends used to apply makeup admittedly badly but always had fun with the process. As she Grew Older it became more skilled she decided to post tutorials on the internet. She became somewhat of an Internet sensation and decided that it would be a good career move to start creating her own cosmetic line. She is now the head of a multimillion-dollar online Cosmetics company called Lime Crime. Lime Crime with a name that she made up because that was her favorite color and the name run and it has stuck ever since. Lime Crime is cruelty-free Cosmetics company that does not test on animals. They have high moral standards as far as the Integrity of their products and they deliver outstanding results while being mindful of the environment.

Doe Deere is completely involved with the creative process of developing her make-up. From the Inception to the execution she can be found either in the lab or in the boardroom developing new products for Lime Crime. She will work long hours in the lab making sure each and every product is just right and that customers will be thrilled with the results. Lime Crime has a complete line of lip colors and eye colors. Every shade you can possibly imagine is probably represented by this colorful makeup line. If you want deep red lipstick or even purple, then they have it. The eye makeup can range from sparkly to smoky. Lime Crime is designed for the woman making a statement through using this high-quality makeup.