Doe Deere Is Helping To Keep The World Colorful


Doe Deere is the self-proclaimed head unicorn at Lime Crime Cosmetics. In real life, she is the CEO and creator of the magnificently multi-colored cosmetics. Doe is a firm believer in using color to express yourself. With her, there are no rules when using Color. Her advice is to do what makes you feel good and wear what makes you feel good there is no need to save those outfits hanging in your closet that you love for special occasions. Wear them out and put on some colorful makeup to make you feel fun and fresh. Doe had a passion for makeup from an early age. She and her girlfriends used to apply makeup admittedly badly but always had fun with the process. As she Grew Older it became more skilled she decided to post tutorials on the internet. She became somewhat of an Internet sensation and decided that it would be a good career move to start creating her own cosmetic line. She is now the head of a multimillion-dollar online Cosmetics company called Lime Crime. Lime Crime with a name that she made up because that was her favorite color and the name run and it has stuck ever since. Lime Crime is cruelty-free Cosmetics company that does not test on animals. They have high moral standards as far as the Integrity of their products and they deliver outstanding results while being mindful of the environment.

Doe Deere is completely involved with the creative process of developing her make-up. From the Inception to the execution she can be found either in the lab or in the boardroom developing new products for Lime Crime. She will work long hours in the lab making sure each and every product is just right and that customers will be thrilled with the results. Lime Crime has a complete line of lip colors and eye colors. Every shade you can possibly imagine is probably represented by this colorful makeup line. If you want deep red lipstick or even purple, then they have it. The eye makeup can range from sparkly to smoky. Lime Crime is designed for the woman making a statement through using this high-quality makeup.

ClassDojo: Bridging New Gaps & Expanding Child Development

Finding a fruitful connection between teachers, parents, students, and the entire staff is not the easiest thing to accomplish. There are many barriers, like time, schedules, and just life. But that does not mean that all hope is lost because there is a way to create a positive culture with classrooms and schools using ClassDojo, which is a new kind of communication platform revolutionizing the way teachers, parents, and students communicate. Perhaps one of the biggest steps forward taken by ClassDojo is introducing Mojo and Katie who are two little critters.

Who Are These Critters?

Mojo and Katie are two critters who were introduced on the ClassDojo’s website under “Big Ideas.” They were also introduced on YouTube. The videos are meant to teach both parents, teachers, and children that intelligence and abilities are not fixed but rather can be developed.

The team behind ClassDojo teamed up with experts at Standford University who work under the Project for Education Research That Scales team. The idea was to create effective videos (a series of five videos) aimed to enlighten. And, since ClassDojo is all about creating a community, then it makes sense why they opened up a discussion guide for both parents and teachers to accompany the release of these videos. The discussion guide is meant to connect teachers and parents regarding their children’s ongoing development.

ClassDojo is very excited about introducing channels that will help parents, teachers, and students meet their goals. Especially since 2 in 3 schools are already using ClassDojo, meaning that the reach of this information is that much larger.

It would be hard to imagine that this small communication platform would create such a ground-up change in the way that teachers, parents, and students communicate. A simple app shared between both teachers and parents helps everyone stay actively connected. For example, a teacher can share progress on a project or special accomplishments that a child was involved in with his or her parent.

The videos will teach both parents and teachers about effective activities that help ignite development in children. The platform should make it easy to track development. Keep in mind that the ClassDojo app allows easy translation between languages, just in case there are parents who do not understand English. This is an important feature so that parents and teachers can chat about a child’s development.

One can see just how easy and effective the ClassDojo is going to be in breaking new ground regarding communication between teachers, parents, and even students. That community that parents and teachers have always hoped for is within grasp with ClassDojo.


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Twenty Three Layers Throws Teddy’s First Birthday!

Event designer Jessica Boskoff and her company Twenty Three Layers are doing some amazing things. Just check out the amazing birthday party she planned for her one-year-old son Teddy at It was a beautiful farm themed party with delicious and gorgeous desserts. The party featured an amazing barnyard cake and Apple cookies wrapped with a delicate gingham ribbon, along with gingham cupcakes. All baked by Dina Khani. But, Jessica is much, much more than a kid’s birthday party planned, She’s a renowned event designer known for her elegant and extravagant styling. She’s known for her delicate and beautiful contrast.

Farm Table

Her son Teddy’s very first birthday party was just simply amazing, maybe a little too elegant for a toddler. But, leave to the amazing event designer Jessica Boskoff to out do herself. This little guy’s birthday party was certainly more elegant and beautiful than any of my birthday parties combined! It featured beautiful farm themed place settings with a red and white checkered table cloth, commanly seen at picnics. Along with matching desserts and barrels of apples. This was surely a fantastic time for the lucky children who got to attend Teddy’s fun farmed theme party!

Jessica’s New York based event planning business, Twenty Three Layers is known for their elegant designing. They take party planning to a whole new level, covering every possible aspect of an event. They offer venue sourcing, caterer selection and custom menus, floral design, decor, lighting and sound, photography, and even celebrity booking. Of course, on-site event management to make sure the event goes smoothly and flawlessly.

Twenty Three Layers designs all types of events. They do weddings, showers, birthday, mitzvahs, anniversaries, and any type of celebration. They also design corporate and non-profit events. Twenty Three Layers has successfully planned and designed numerous extravagant events.